Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Il Postino

A walk typical to a postman in a countryside, this is what attracted me the most about Massimo Troisi in and as Il Postino. This image of the postman going uphill, in order to deliver the mails to poet Neruda appears a few times in the movie. The way he pulls along his bicycle to the hilltop where the poet was putting up is a great demonstration of acting with one's entire body. In fact, Troisi was portraying a character who do not know how to act in real life. The poor lad from the coastal village did not come out successful in real life since he did not know how to act and fool people in real life. What he had in him was only poetry.

The shooting at the hillside proved fatal to Troisi, according to the Signora who taught me Italian in New Delhi. Troisi passed away the day when filming was completed.


chamki said...

but how exactly?
i mean i knew he died before he could see the film.
and god! what an actor he was!!
and what a movie!
i love it

Anonymous said...

E’ davvero un film bellissimo, poetico e commovente. Melo รจ piaciuto tantissimo. E’ facile anche per le persone che non hanno la conoscenza bene della lingua italiana a comprendere il film. Il modo in cui Massimo Troisi diceva i dialoghi era effettivamente affascinante. Questo film mi ha incoraggiato a vedere anche altri film di Troisi. Questo film mi ha fatto capire che ogni persona ha qualcosa di speciale e uno deve provare a svilupparlo dopo averlo capito bene.