Friday, January 13, 2006

Delhi Panorama

It was before CD revolution. We had to update, every now and then, the information on the venues of foreign language movie screenings in the city. It was a method to keep ourselves busy. These films also offered us something to talk about always.

Here are the addresses of some venues which I frequently visit in Delhi.

French movies
Alliance Francaise,
72, Lodhi Estate.
Who is permitted?: One who has taken membership (free) in French Ciné Club. You can avail it by applying in a white paper to the office at this address.
A member of FIRC or French Culture Center, 2, Aurangazeb Rd. is allowed to borrow French Film CDs from FIRC library.
Screenings: Every friday 5.30 pm and 7 pm at 72, Lodhi Estate.

Iranian Film Club is associated, though not a part of, Iranian Culture House, Tilak Marg
Who is permitted?: Get a free membership by writing to
Screenings: Most screenings are in India Habitat Center. Not on regular schedules.

Italian Culture Institute
Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
Who is permitted?: Get a membership from the institute paying Rs.400/- as an yearly payment. You will also have access to the Institute library, Cafeteria etc. A member will also be allowed to watch Italian movies of your choice individually in the multimedia room of the institute.
Screenings: Every wednesday at 7 pm

Max Mueller Bhavan, Kasturbha Gandhi marg
Who is permitted?: Entry free, no membership required
Screenings: Generally on every friday at 6 pm

Hungarian Culture Centre
Who is permitted?: Members (membership free)
Screenings: Generally on every Thursday

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